Commercial Food Service Inc.
Food service suppliers to commercial kitchens across Western Canada



We can offer you a huge selection of items for your school lunch program and snacks.

We can help you make your creations from the freshest basic ingredients, quickly Bake & Serve tasty treats, or choose the quickest in Thaw & Serve for those last minute feasts.

Our Staff can help find the products you are looking for and offer information on new products or ideas to solve your current needs.

 We have been busy working with Alberta Health Services to  ensure we are promoting healthy choices for our customers in  education. 

Please contact us for a current list of products we have available that meet the Choose Most Often and Choose Sometimes guidelines. 

Who We Service



We work with many non-profit groups to supply products for Breakfast Programs, Homeless shelters, and Group Homes. Our staff are skilled Order Pickers and will help you find the right products to stay within your budget while offering a great selection of foods.